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Review: Darwin’s Doubt

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An acquaintance suggested I do a review of Darwin’s Doubt, by Stephen C. Meyer. My approach here will seem odd to folk who are opposed to creationism Intelligent Design¬†being taught in high schools, as their approach is usually to attack the biology-related claims in the book. And it’s fair to say that there’s a lot of false claims about biology (and Evolution) in the book. But I’m not interested in any of that.

What I¬†am interested is, if we just take all the lies and deceit to be true, whether the whole argument hangs together, or not. The subtitle of this book is “The explosive origin of animal life and the case for intelligent design”. Meyer is, according to his biography, someone with a PhD in Philosophy, who specialised in Philosophy of Science. I intend to meet him on that ground, stipulate to all of his claims, and see if this supports the argument that he ultimately makes.

Short version? No, his argument isn’t supported by his claims at all.

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Book Reviews

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I’ve decided to undertake some book reviews. My plan is evaluate the argumentation in the books. This means that I’ll largely be just taking their factual claims as a given (regardless of who ridiculous they are), to see if the conclusion of the book follows from the chapters that came before.

In other words, I’ll be testing the books for logical validity. I have a couple of books in mind to start with (see below).

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