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Retraction of “The Irrelevance of the American Presidential Race”

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Given what’s happening in the USA, I’m retracting the article I titled “The Irrelevance of the American Presidential Race“. I was completely wrong on this point, and am leaving the article online (though completely struckthrough) as a reminder.

While only time will tell whether these orders will be completely overturned, and I’m completely shocked that the various departments would just robotically enforce the executive orders, the thrust of my previous argument was that the President simply didn’t have the power to do what Trump is currently doing. Again: I’m completely wrong.

Trigger Warnings and ‘Hardening Up’

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There’s a deep and profound irony that the people who insist that those who wish merely to be warned prior to being exposed to potentially triggering content are ‘weak’ and ‘need to be challenged’, while that the same time merely pointing out that the argument that they’re presenting is merely echoing factfree, right-wing talking points merits abuse and defriending.

It’s kinda weird* how quickly they object to being mildly challenged on holding ignorant and vapid viewpoints, but insist that other people are the ones that need hardening up. But not them, no no. That they fall apart in the face of mere disagreement is totally acceptable……


*No, not weird at all…..

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