Author: Brian Lynchehaun

  • The Writing of Philosophy

    I’ve been thinking about the writing of philosophy, whose writing I enjoy the most, whose style I most wish to emulate, and I think that there isn’t just one philosopher who’s style I love. (all of the names that follow will be white and male, as I’ve been slowly going beyond what was available in […]

  • Koukl’s Anti-Abortion Nonsense

    [Note to reddit visitors from /r/prolife: I haven’t ‘run away’ from my attempt at discussion on your forum, your mods have simply decided that ye are too fragile to discuss this topic and have banned me. If you would like to continue the conversation, you’re welcome to comment below.] I recently made the tactical error […]

  • Shower Thoughts

    I love showers. Hot showers. Just one tiny turn off from pain, so it’s just hitting the edge. Because when the shower hits that point, my brain has to focus on the most prominent pain, and turns off the rest, so it’s only in the shower that my body stops hurting. It’s glorious. It also lets […]

  • Being an Effective Devil’s Advocate

    Scene: a coffee shop where two people are in a heated discussion over a complex topic. Galina: “So you can see that, generally speaking, this is predominantly the case!” Bob: “No! What about this one time, that thing happened! That shows that you’re completely wrong!” Galina, confused: “I don’t understand what that has to do […]

  • Anxiety, an Internal Struggle

    I wish I understood the mechanisms of anxiety, at least within myself. I believe, perhaps mistakenly, that understanding these mechanisms would make it easier to resolve them, to overcome them. So that they’d stop ruling my life. I had intended to leave my apartment about 5 hours ago to go get a haircut. It still […]

  • Maximize Charitible Giving on Humble Bundle (A Guide)

    There’s been a crisis in the US for a number of years, and Trump’s administration is expanding and worsening it. As we’ve seen over the last few days, the response of the American people (and around the world) has been a large rejection of his policies, largely through donations to charitable organisations working for human […]

  • Retraction of “The Irrelevance of the American Presidential Race”

    Given what’s happening in the USA, I’m retracting the article I titled “The Irrelevance of the American Presidential Race“. I was completely wrong on this point, and am leaving the article online (though completely struckthrough) as a reminder. While only time will tell whether these orders will be completely overturned, and I’m completely shocked that […]

  • The Dangerous Seductiveness of Rage

    I’ve spent most of my life dealing with ‘rage’ issues. I’ve never been physically violent, but verbal vitriol, especially online, has been an issue in the past (and something that I continue to work on, of course). So I know of what I speak when I talk about the seductiveness of rage, and the appeal […]

  • Apple Updates

    Apple has released a new version of their desktop software, and have moved a bunch of things around in their user interface yet again, for reasons they haven’t disclosed. I, however, have a theory: it’s to make more money. Ultimately, this is a conspiracy theory (aka complete bullshit), but I’m going to spin the yarn […]

  • Trump DOES Represent American Values

    This video is intended for Americans (and only Americans) expressing the sentiment that ‘this is not the America I know’ or that ‘Trump does not represent American values’. To the Americans expressing these sentiments: where have you been all your life? Why only Americans? Because they should be familiar with the history of their country, […]