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  • Honour Killings

    This isn’t quite topical anymore, but I thought post this dialogue to go to with the reboot of this site. I really liked, and I’m disappointed that it’s been shut down, as I was intending to make a few more of these. If anyone happens to know of any similar websites/software out there, I’d […]

  • Mr. Murphy, and a Sudden Outbreak of Facepalms

    I have read Mr. Murphy’s recent article on the national Post, and I have to admit that he has convinced me that my previous pro-atheist stance was foolish and misguided. Atheists are nothing but angry petulant people, with nothing to complain about.

  • Because Abortion needs to be explained, apparently.

    I am irate. Look, I realise that I am in a position of privilege, and I realise that I’m not angry about this all the time because I’m male and that this is something that I have the privilege of simply not-concerning-myself-about for the vast bulk of my life. I rationalise this as that I […]