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Astrology, Bullshit Raised to an Art-Form

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Generally speaking, I stay away from the main Skeptic topics. Mostly because they are so obviously wrong, and also because the topic is well-addressed by people who don’t have an additional interest in economics and social reform (the main topics I address on this blog).

But scammer-extraordinaire Matthew Currie has decided to loudly object to the James Randi Foundation (of which I am not a huge fan, for unrelated reasons) calling Astrology nonsense. And his open letter is just chock full of bullshit, it’s painful to read.

In this port, I will be responding to two of his articles: Eight Things Skeptics of Astrology Don’t Get and http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/ohmystars/2013/12/dear-skeptic-part-two-please-curb-your-dogma.html. This post has more expletives than usual.

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