Philosophy Tutoring

I have a BA in Philosophy, and have several years experience tutoring Philosophy, from first year courses to third and fourth year courses.

I specialize in tutoring Logic though I am quite familiar with the range of Philosophy topics, and I have a lot of experience tutoring people for whom English is not their first language (ESL). I’m afraid that my French is extremely poor, so I only offer tutoring in English. I can also help people with the logic problems/games in the LSAT/GMAT/GRE/MCAT, as well as the verbal/reading sections of each test.

I additionally tutor a number of High School and Elementary School subjects, such as math, chemistry, physics, general science, and others. Please ask for details if you’re looking for help with something specific.

I am available to tutor remotely anywhere. I’m Vancouver, Canada, so my timezone is UTC-8.

I charge CA$60 per hour, and I have a group rate of CA$40 per student per hour for groups.

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