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Apple has released a new version of their desktop software, and have moved a bunch of things around in their user interface yet again, for reasons they haven’t disclosed. I, however, have a theory: it’s to make more money. Ultimately, this is a conspiracy theory (aka complete bullshit), but I’m going to spin the yarn anyway.

A case in point: within Mac Mail, within the account settings, to change the port for incoming email required you to go to a tab-that-isn’t-the-default, and to change the port for outgoing email required you to click your outgoing server name, select ‘edit server’, go another not-the-default-tab, and uncheck a box (“automatically configure and maintain server settings”, which pretty much always never worked). It’s been this way for a while.

Now, you go to the account settings, and both ports are hidden. You need to uncheck a box for each of the incoming and outgoing email (both labeled “automatically configure and maintain server settings”) on the default tab in the account settings.


Why do this?

Why move and hide these settings? What purpose could this possibly serve? Many internet service providers (ISPs) helpfully maintain websites with ‘how to configure your email’ instructions, which are now wrong for your system. Many users painfully memorise the specific steps they need to do things, which are now wrong. Many helpful websites (like Chas M’s) maintain a database of interactive screenshots for people to walk through a variety of computer settings, and they now need a new set just because of a whim of someone in Apple.

Here’s why I think it happens:

Moving the settings means that a percentage of users can’t change things themselves. Technical support representatives in ISPs will be caught offguard by this, and won’t know about the change. Support at these ISPs will suddenly seem worse than it actually is. Many of these people will be directed to go to the Apple store for assistance.

Again: many people, who otherwise wouldn’t, will now go to the Apple store for “assistance”. Who can now be upsold to. Who can be offered new products. Who can be offered upgrades. Extra accessories. Be told that their equipment is getting old, and isn’t the new iPhone shiny?

In short, the change in the user interface is an intentional scam to part the unwary from their money.

Do I have any evidence for this? Of course not. This wouldn’t be a conspiracy theory (aka bullshit) if I had evidence. But can anyone prove me wrong?




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