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  • New Banner!

    Courtesy of janielescueta at, I have a new banner! And it is glorious! It cost a whole $5, and if you’re in need of a banner, I’d recommend her.   Follow Brian on Twitter!

  • Impersonations

    A short headsup: it’s been brought to my attention that a person out there is pretending to be me. They’re pointing at [my posts on The Crommunist Manifesto] and claiming that they are Brian Lynchehaun, and including the above photo in their email correspondence. Putting aside the (clearly insane) notion that being this particular Brian…

  • Welcoming a new contributor: Brian Lynchehaun

    I am extremely excited and proud to welcome a new contributor to the Crommunist Manifesto: my friend, Brian Lynchehaun. Brian has been with the blog almost since its inception. In fact he was instrumental in my very first high-traffic post, a video review of a debate that he did with Hugh Ross. Since then, Brian…