Author: Brian Lynchehaun

  • Materialism Isn’t “Defunct”

    Holloway seems to believe that if a theory encounters a problem, the whole theory should be tossed out. This indicates a major misconception with how theories (in the scientific sense) operate.

  • The Greatest Videogame: A Tribute

    It’s been several years since I last wrote for myself, and in the period leading up to that I found my writing drop off in frequency quite sharply. I hold anxiety to be significantly responsible for that. After undergoing several years of medication (and some therapy), I’m hoping that that issue has been mitigated. But […]

  • Black Lightning: Worth Watching

    In my social circles, there’s a lot of fans of both Marvel and DC’s TV universe. The fans of Agent Carter, The Flash, Supergirl (and the rest) are legion. But no-one seems to be all that interested in Black Lightning. I’d like to talk a little about why I think this show is worth your time.

  • Guns and the Right-Wing

    Yet another school shooting. Yet another round of arguing. Yet another deluge of disingenuous nonsense from the right-wing, who are not actually interested in solutions. Yet more arguments that reveal that what the right-wing really want is more dead children.

  • Anime: Fantastic and Frustrating.

    I love anime, and find a whole bunch of stuff around it immensely frustrating. I don’t even understand how the pitch meeting would go (I’m currently watching ID-0). (I’ve just picked two male Japanese names at random out of the air, there’s no intent to link this conversation with any specific individuals) [speech_bubble type=”std” subtype=”a” […]

  • Confabulation, Math, and Self-Knowledge

    As with many other people, I often find myself denigrating things that I consider ridiculous, and on my best days I’ll catch myself and ask myself ‘ok, but *why* is that ridiculous…?’. There’s that weird experience of being in two places at once, the Brian that’s experiencing the ridiculous and seeing it as the silliness […]

  • Punching Nazis

    Due to the recent rebranding of white supremacists, fascists, and nazis as “the alt-right” and their subsequent resurgence, there has been much hand wringing about ‘punching nazis’ as an appropriate response against those who are moving to enact genocide. This hand wringing holds echoes of the “just ignore them and they’ll go away” nonsense that […]

  • Outdated Voting Machines and Hacking

    There is just so much in this article (Every Voting Machine at This Hacking Conference Got Totally Pwned) that makes me extremely angry. Some personal background: I am not a programmer. I am not an IT security specialist. I have, however, worked in the IT sector since roughly 1995, and have been employed at various levels from […]

  • American Gods and Aging

    On the recommendation from someone outside my usual geeky friends, I started watching American Gods last night. It’s been on my radar for a bit, as all my usual geeky friends have been talking about it, but I’ve been holding off for reasons I’ll get into shortly. Suffice it to say that I binged through […]

  • Objection to the George Wainborn Park Ireland Canada Monument

    It’s come to my attention that there’s an organization pushing for a monument to be raised here in Vancouver, in George Wainborn Park, “for the sole purpose of providing recognition to the significant contribution of Irish Canadians and Canadians of Irish descent to Canada”. I object to this (and yes, I’m Irish) for a number of […]