Tag: Anxiety

  • Shower Thoughts

    I┬álove showers. Hot showers. Just one tiny turn off from pain, so it’s just hitting the edge. Because when the shower hits that point, my brain has to focus on the most prominent pain, and turns off the rest, so it’s only in the shower that my body stops hurting. It’s glorious. It also lets […]

  • Anxiety, an Internal Struggle

    I wish I understood the mechanisms of anxiety, at least within myself. I believe, perhaps mistakenly, that understanding these mechanisms would make it easier to resolve them, to overcome them. So that they’d stop ruling my life. I had intended to leave my apartment about 5 hours ago to go get a haircut. It still […]

  • Anxiety and Hunger

    Here’s a thing that I attribute to my anxiety, but perhaps other people (not suffering from anxiety) deal with it too. I’ll get engrossed in reading articles/playing games that time passes and I get hungry. Not “omfg, I’m going to die if I don’t eat”-hungry, but the pangs aren’t minor. Noticing them, bringing them into […]

  • Laundry and Anxiety

    I did laundry today. I can appreciate that this seems like a minor thing. ‘Seriously, Brian? Posting about doing laundry? Ffs…..’ My anxiety has been pretty bad the last couple of weeks. The threat of job loss hanging over my head, alongside dealing with incompetent and unprofessional HR staff (I know, I know, ‘HR staff’ […]